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Petroleum stocks

Kenya has adequate stock of petroleum products, says PS Andrew Kamau

The Government has assured that there are adequate stocks of petroleum products in the country.

The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining Mr. Andrew Kamau says data from the energy and petroleum regulatory authority (EPRA) show that Kenya currently has adequate stocks of petrol, diesel and kerosene.

Mr Kamau notes that in the case of petrol, the country has close to 81 million liters in stock. Taking into account a daily uplift of 9.4 million litres of the commodity, the stock can last the country for nine days.

Accordingly, the country has over 217, million litres of diesel in stock and with a daily uplift of slightly above 10 million litres, the stocks can last 22 days.
“Kerosene is also well stocked. We have 55 million litres which can last us 17 days as the daily uplift stands at 3 .2 million litres” Kamau clarifies.
The PS has also disclosed that this month, an additional 351 million litres of petrol and 310 million litres of diesel are expected.

In addition, by end of May, Kenya will be receiving another consignment of 241 million litres of petrol and 315, million litres of diesel.