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Mandate and Core Values



The Ministry’s mandate is derived from the Executive Order No. 1 of May, 2020 (Revised) on the Organization of the Government of the Republic of Kenya.

  • Petroleum Policy.
  • Strategic Petroleum Stock Management.
  • Management of Upstream Petroleum Products Marketing.
  • Oil and Gas Exploration Policy Development.
  • Oil / Gas Sector Capacity Development.
  • Petroleum Products, Import/ Export/Marketing Policy Management.
  • Licensing of Petroleum Marketing and Handling.
  • Quality Control of Petroleum Products.
  • Formulation of policies on extractive industry
  • Undertaking mineral exploration and mining policy management
  • Development of inventory and mapping of mineral resources
  • Formulation of mining and minerals development policy
  • Maintenance of geological data
  • Formulation of mining and minerals development policy
  • Policies on the management of quarrying of rocks and industrial minerals
  • Management of health conditions and health and safety in mines
  • Mining capacity development, and
    Promotion of mineral value addition.  SDM has oversight responsibilities over the National Mining Corporation (NMC), the Mineral Rights Board (MRB), and the Geologist Registration Board (GRB).

Core Values

The Ministry draws its core values from the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, Article 10, Chapter Six on Leadership and Integrity and, Chapter 13, Article 232, on Values and Principles of Public Service. In its quest for timely provision of quality services during the Strategic Plan period (2018-2022), the Ministry will be guided by the following core values:

  1. Professional integrity and excellence: The Ministry will carry out its duties in a professional manner where staff will always comply with, and seek to improve, the professional standards and ethics required by their respective professional bodies.  The staff will measure their performance and strive for continuous improvement in their strategic thinking to contribute to national objectives and aspirations.
  2. Commitment to work: The Ministry will devote all its official time to duties and issues without delay.  This is in recognition that excuses are tools of incompetence.  
  3. Commitment to customer service: The Ministry staff will carry out their duty with genuine passion, demonstrate commitment and deliver timely quality services to its customers in order to build and maintain public confidence in service delivery.  They will at all times treat their customers with utmost respect, courtesy, fairness and impartiality.
  4. Efficiency, transparency and accountability:  The Ministry will conduct its business and provide service in a transparent and accountable manner. Staff will be open and proactive in identifying issues and making recommendations for improved service delivery.
  5. Zero tolerance to corruption:  The Ministry will uphold the value of altruism where the staff will carry out duties, roles and responsibilities diligently and without prejudice and expectation of personal gain.
  6. Non-partisan:  The staff will endevour to remain neutral and impartial and, provide information as may be required while observing code of conduct and work ethics.