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Mining Institutions

Mining Institutions

1. Mineral Rights Board

The Mineral Rights Board (MRB) is established under Section 30 of the Mining Act No 12 of 2016.
The functions of the MRB, as per Section 31 of the Act, are advising the Cabinet Secretary on;

  1. Grant, rejection, retention, renewal, revocation, variation, assignment, trading, tendering, transfer of mineral rights and mineral agreements;
  2. The areas suitable for small scale and artisanal mining;
  3. The areas where mining operations may be excluded or restricted;
  4. The declaration of certain minerals as strategic minerals;
  5. Cessation, suspension, or curtailment of production in respect of mining licences;
  6. Fees, charges and royalties payable for a mineral right or mineral; and
  7. Any matters which under the Act, are required to be referred to the Mineral Rights Board.

Board Membership

The Board is made up of 9 (nine) members appointed as follows;

  1. A chairperson with demonstrable knowledge and experience of the minerals and mining sector, who shall be appointed by the President;
  2. The Principal Secretary responsible for matters relating to mining;
  3. The Principal Secretary responsible for the National Treasury;
  4. One person who has relevant qualifications or experience in mining, geology, geophysics or engineering, nominated by the Council of County Governors;
  5. The Chairperson of the National Land Commission;
  6. The Director of Geological Surveys;
  7. Two persons with professional qualifications and experience in the mining industry; and
  8. The Director of Mines who shall be the secretary to the Mineral Rights Board.

2. Geologists Registration Board

The Geologists Registration Board is established under the Geologists Registration Act No. 10 of 1993 with the responsibility of registering and regulating activities and conduct of registered geologists in Kenya.

Board Membership

The Board is made up of seven (7) members who shall be persons eligible for registration under the Act and, where practicable, resident in Kenya.

  1. Four persons appointed by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Mining; and
  2. Three persons appointed by the Geological Society of Kenya.